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Ready to escape the monotony of rack-and-pinion dating scenarios where your sole reward is a polite "call me, maybe" at the end of a painful evening? Say hello to our site, where like-minded naughty singles like yourself are searching for a real one-night stand.

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Ever heard of the phrase, "love is overrated?" Welcome to the reality check. is here to dish out pure, unadulterated fun. We are just what the doctor ordered for the young at heart, seeking local one-night stand opportunities and nothing more. Our mission is all about casual encounters. No love, no heartbreaks, and certainly, no forever promises. Simple, right?

Now, here's some knowledge - operating on a dating site that is not about love demands a tad of social ground rules. As a mercy to your unwary souls, we've bundled together ten hookup chat rules. Mind them; you will swim smoothly on our "island of reprieve."

  • No complaining about your ex - Seriously, no one cares. We are here for fun, not therapy.
  • Political stands - Keep it at the polls. We like a playful tussle in bed, not heated debates.
  • Religion - Eros, the Greek god of desire, is the only deity we worship here.
  • Respect Personal Space - Don’t stalk your intended casual buddy - it's creepy and not fun.
  • Eggplant Emojis - A picture may be worth a thousand words, but not in this case.
  • Food Talk - No one cares about your forbidden love for broccoli unless you're asking them out for dinner.
  • Pets - Let's not bother them unless your cat can pour us another margarita.
  • Family Matters - It might be chilling with yours, but we aren't looking for a Sunday family picnic.